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The Ultimate Golf Performance Radar

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Graeme Leggat

PGA Advanced Professional

Graeme is Trackman University trained and has been Level 2 Certified by Trackman.


Initial introduction seminar with Fredrik Tuxen at The Belfry and then subsequently trained by Michael Malone at St. Andrews Golf Academy, Archerfield Golf Academy and at The Belfry over a 2 year period 

Trackman Level II Certified Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Professional
Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Professional TPI Trackman Certified

Trackman Parameters

Trackman has 40+ parameters which can be confusing for many people. The following are good to know parameters !



 1. Face Angle

 2. Club Path

 3. Impact Location

 4. Attack Angle

 5. Low Point

 6. Carry

Trackman is your ultimate equipment fitting and coaching tool

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