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Identifying a Golfers Limitations

Are you a typical golfer who has had a golf lesson or a series of golf lessons from the same or from different golf instructors ? Who sees a little improvement before going quickly back in to the same old fault pattern(s) again and is told to do more or less the same thing(s) again by the golf instructor on the next lesson(s) ? The problem is you may have a physical limitation which is making it difficult or even impossible to make the movement(s) you are being asked to make by your instructor thus stopping you from improving. It is however possible to improve by doing one of two things which are

1. Working around any limitation. It is possible for the golf instructor to work around any physical limitation to aid improvement.It is however not possible to see a limitation by just looking at your golf swing, which means your instructor will need to test you somehow. This is normally done by implementing a 'Golf Specific Screening'.

2. Limitation Improvement. It is possible to improve some limitations quite easily through employing golf specific excercise which the golf instructor can prescribe. Should you have a more long term problem or injury you would need to work with a qualified physio to aid any possible physical problem.


The best way to identify the golfers limitation(s) is through a Golf Specific Screen

1. Pelvic Tilt

2. Pelvic Rotation

3. Torso Rotation

4. Overhead Deep Squat

5. Toe Touch

6. 90 / 90

7. Single Leg Balance

8. Lat Length

9. Lower Quarter Rotation

10. Seated Trunk Rotation

11. Bridge with Leg Extension

As long as your are fully grown it does not matter what stage you are at in your life it is important to be

screened by your golf instructor to help him / her help you better to improve your golf game !

Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Golf Professional

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