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Do You Slide in to Your Shots ?

Are you a golfer who slides in to the golf ball producing weak, heavy and blocked shots on the golf course ? Sliding is an excessive lateral movement of the hips towards the target during the downswing, many people who sway in the back swing will slide in the downswing. The ability to separate the lower body from the upper body is very important during the downswing, as is the ability to fully rotate the lead hip through impact towards the target. It would be possible to improve or work around any physical limitation to improve the outcome of the golfers shots.

If you live in the Perthshire area and would like to either improve your game or learn to play golf come and see me at The Blairgowrie Golf Club where I work as a PGA teaching professional. I have been trained and certified both in the UK and Europe by The Titleist Performance Institute

The TPI Package is a good way of checking for any limitations that tie in with any swing faults you have, and which can then subsequently be improved or worked around for any desired improvements.


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