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Your Practice Routine ? Good or Bad

The first question perhaps should be do you practice or do you just play the game ? Some people love to practice as much as they can why others loathe it. If you are some one who practices on a regular basis hopefully you will practice in an effiecient way in that you dont just stand on the range banging as many balls as is possible as quickly as you can, so you can get even more balls, and mostly with the driver.

You should plan your practice in advance deciding what you are going to do each week, if you are taking a weekly lesson work your practice routine around what your instructor has taught you.

Range Practice

:I would always start with a short iron and do a few half swing shots first just to

loosen up a bit.

: Go up through the odd numbered irons first Sw,9,7,5 and Hybrid then down

through the set ( 4iron if you carry one) 6,8,Pw followed by fairway woods

in to the Driver hitting 3 balls per club and do this 2 times depending on how many balls you are prepared to hit during your practice session as well as

how long you are going to spend practicing.

: Bear in mind you want to give each shot 100% concentration you should go

through your normal pre shot routine before you hit each ball ie choose a

directional target, pick a spot etc etc take your time as you would out on the

golf course.

: Depending on your skill level you may wish to try and shape the ball ie

straight shot, followed by a draw, followed by a fade, its good to work the ball

It would be an idea to use alignment sticks to help your alignment and to control

ball position. Most people when they practice do not take enough time on the

range and do not line up. If there are any mirrors behind you on the range

keep an on your posture.

If you have the time if you have spent an hour on the range try and spend that time again on putting and shortgame combined.

If you live in the Perthshire and would like to have some advice on your set up,

your pre shot routine or your general practice routine come and see me for a

golf lesson at Pitlochry Golf Range Academy where I teach.


Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Golf Professional

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