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Client Swing Assessment

Example of a Client Swing Assessment

This is an example of a lesson which was performed on a 'member' at Pitlochry GC He was first given an 11 point screening before having his golf swing assessed both Face-on and Down-The-Line using c-Swing computer analysis.


  1. Pelvic Tilt 

  2. Pelvic Rotation 

  3. Torso Rotation 

  4. Overhead Deep Squat 

  5. Toe Touch 

  6. 90/90 

  7. Single Leg Balance 

 8. Lat Length 

  9. Lower Quarter Rotation 

10. Seated Trunk Rotation 

11. Bridge with Leg Extension 


From the screen it was clear that this person had several limitations and from doing a computer swing analysis these showed up in his golf swing. 



1. Pelvic tilt movement was very limited Posture 

2. Could not get near to a Toe Touch Posture 

3. Over Head Deep Squat Maintaining Posture / Early Hip Extension 

4. Unstable Hip Rotation Sway 


If you look at his golf swing you can see the following: 


Face On  ( see pictures below ) 

1. Knees were too fart apart at address ( red squares ) 

2. Notice the sway to the right ( red lines ) 

3. Notice head movement upwards ( red line ) 

Down the Line  ( see pictures below ) 

1. General Posture could be better 

2. Shoulders open / Feet closed 

3. Backswing is steep 

4. Out to in swing path 

5. Early extension of the hips ( away from white line which was against backside ) 



The golfer was given exercises to do at home to help improve his limitations. 

( print out explanations were given to the golfer ) 


1. Pelvic Tilts in Golf Posture with bar or golf club 

2. Pelvic Tilts supine 

3. Leg Overs 

4. Early Extension practise drill To be done at driving range 


The golfer was also given a couple of things to work on in his swing from this initial lesson 


1. Press knees slightly in to one another at address i.e ball between knees 

2. To flatten out backswing keeping clubhead lower to the ground during take away. 



If the golfer does his exercises at home as well working on his swing in combination with taking a regular lesson he will improve his play. 


Before the screening and analysis the golfer either hooked or blocked his shots which could be struck fat with the occasional thinned shot. 


Should You have problems with your golf game? Come and see me for a golf lesson at The Blairgowrie Golf Club where I am a TPI Trained and certified PGA Advanced Golf Professional. I coach all facets of the game from beginner Level to Professional Level and can help you to Improve ! I have over 30 years experience and have worked coaching full time overseas in Holland for 12 years.

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