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Are You Sharp ? Short Game Practice

Many golfers will habitually week after week, month after month practice their long games, take lessons in their long games looking to try and hit the ball further, which is a proven advantage, however it might be better to use some of your practice time on the short game and even take a lesson or two there as a way to improve. If you can chip, pitch and play bunker shots well it is going to be easier to hole out as you are closer to the hole and by getting up and down you will consistently lower your scores and handicap.

A great way of doing this whether alone or perhaps with one or two friends where you can also make a competition of it to ensure the concentration is optimal is by doing the PAR 18 practice game. All you need is

1. a ball

2. a couple of wedges

3. a putter

4. 9 long wooden tees

5. A ball marker

6. Scorecard with a pencil

The Idea is to

1. Have 3 shorter distance starting points around fringe area

with varying difficulties of lie

2. Have 3 medium distance starting points in slightly longer semi

around slopes by the green, beside a bunker or in a bunker

3. Have 3 Longer starting points from fairway or rough slightly further

away from the green.

4. Pre mark starting points with a tee if in a group, if by yourself

not necessary, but can do if you wish.

The idea then of the PAR !8 practice game is to try and get up and down from the 9 positions, par on each hole being 2 and total up your score. You can decide for yourself what to do ie chip, pitch, bunker shot then put out, you may even hole out from outside of the green.

Using this for your short game practice is a great way to roll three shots in to two, and will let you see exactly how good you are at getting up and down around the green and will let you know straight away how sharp your short game is.

Should you live in the Perthshire area and would like to improve your short game or any part of your golf game for that matter come and see me at Pitlochry Golf Range Academy where I teach.


Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Golf Professional

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