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Think as Jack did on the Golf Course !

' A persons life is what his or her thoughts make of it ' MARCUS AURELIUS 


This advice from a few centuries back still holds today and is applicable in your golf development. You will increase your performance level with positive focused 'on course' goals whilst performance levels will be oppositely decreased by any thought that is cluttered and negative. Your thoughts will ultimately determine what kind of golfer you will become.


Successful golfers take the learning of a negative experience, and then, Let go of it dwelling only ever on the things that they do well, replaying them in their 'theatre of mind' over and over again helping them to recreate great shots and more success.


The following is an example by Jack Nicklaus one of the best, if not the best player in the history of the game of golf :


Jack was giving a presentation to a group of eager and attentive golfers at his son's university a few years back. During his speech Jack made the comment that he ' Had never three putted on the back nine of a major championship or missed any putts inside three feet ' . As Jack opened the floor to take any questions from the crowd a member of the audience stuck his hand up and said ' Jack you said that you never missed any putts inside three feet in a major championship, but I was watching the US Senior Open last year, and you did exactly that ! ' Jack looked at the man and again addressed the audience by saying ' I have NEVER missed any putts inside three feet in a major '. The same man again spoke out and said ' Mr. Nicklaus, I insist I saw you do it and I even have it on film, do you want me to send it to you ? ' No need Jack said, I have never missed inside three feet in a major, any more questions ? '


We all know that Jack Nicklaus, like any other top player has missed putts from inside three feet in a major championship, but he deliberately doesn't remember doing so, as he only ever remembered doing the things that he did well ie past success, any failures were immediately purged.



If you live in the Perthshire area of Scotland and would like some help with any part of your golf game why not come and see me at The Blairgowrie Golf Club for a golf lesson. Improve your mental approach with an on course Golf Lesson.

I am trained and certified by The Titleist Performance Institute and have been trained as a PGA golf coach on the mental side by Dr Karl Morris and Jamie Edwards of Trained Brain.





Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Professional


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