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A Golfers Limitations ? The Golf Screen !

Old problems die hard as the saying goes. Are you the golfer who takes a golf lesson when things go wrong, which are normally the same bad shots hit as before, which your instructor corrects with the same old instruction ? If this sounds familiar the chances are your body movement may not be functioning quite as it should or could be, by which I mean you may have a limitation somewhere, and a limitation need not be permanent.



The best way to check for any limitation or to just see how your general movement is, whether that may be good or bad, is through a movement screen which any adult can do regardless of age. The screening when done in combination with a computer swing analysis will reveal any connection between any swing faults and body limitations which can most probably be improved with aerobic exercise, or if the limitation is a permanent one the fault can be worked around with golf instruction to aid improvements.


: First isolate any weak links through a movement screen 

: Isolate cracks in the foundation first, test function, test skill 

: Correlate findings with players current biomechanics 

: Make a plan for improvement 


​The Golf Screen would consist of the following


1. Pelvic Tilt 

2. Pelvic Rotation 

3. Torso Rotation 

4. Overhead Deep Squat 

5. Toe Touch 

6. 90/90 

7. Single Leg Balance 

8. Lat Test 

9. Lower Quarter Rotation 

10. Seated Trunk Rotation 

11. Bridge with Leg Extension 


The average golfer has weaknesses or limitations which greatly influence their golf posture which leads to loss of balance and power creating an inefficient swing.


If you live in the Perthshire area and you require some help with your golf swing come and see me at The Blairgowrie Golf Club where I work as a PGA Advanced golf teaching professional.

I have been trained and certified by The Titleist Institute.




Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Golf Professional  Expert - Graeme Leggat | TPI (



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