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Why Do I Hit My Wedge Shots so Fat ?

Are you like a lot of golfers who tend to hit their wedge shots too heavy and it is costing you a few shots per round ? Sound familiar ?

To hit a good wedge shot you should not hit more down on the ball to produce the desired backspin you require, it won't happen as proved by the likes of Trackman.

It will certainly help the cause if you have good grooves on your wedges and preferably a milled face.

When playing wedge shots don't always grab for the lob wedge as it has less bounce as well as more loft and you will more than likely have problems when ground conditions are wet and soft.

When you play your wedge shots do you ?

1. Have your weight favouring the left side

2. A too narrow stance, which is quite open

3. Too much shaft Lean

4. Like to have an early wrist cock taking the club up and out

If you do any or all of the above it might well be worth trying the following instead to get rid of those horrible fat shots in turn lowering your scores.

1. Try and have your weight more evenly balanced on each foot

2. Stand a little bit wider with ball positioned very slightly left of centre and stand quite square to slightly open.

3. If you do both 1. + 2. you will automatically have less shaft lean

4. Less wrist action early in the take away taking club less to the outside.

I you practice these adjustments you should hit less fat shots as you should find as you are bringing the 'bounce' of the sole more in to play even when using a lob wedge, but you should maybe experiment with more loft also. In short with these adjustments your swing will become shallower. You should find that any divots will become shallower as well which would be a good sign.

Good luck with the above when practicing your wedge play !

If you live in Perthsire why not come and see me at Pitlochry Golf Range Academy where I would be happy to help you improve your golf game.


Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Golf Professional


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