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Do You 'Early Extend' ? It is a common Fault for Golfers....

Early Extension is defined as a forward movement or thrust of the lower body towards the golf ball during the downswing movement. This swing fault causes the arms and the golf club to get stuck behind your body during the downswing movement and forces your torso to rise and lift upwards through impact which can cause you to block to the right, hook to the left or even to shank a shot or two which can be problematic to your score, certainly in strokeplay competition as well as being annoying.

Certain factors which the player has, unknowingly, can be the factor(s) which are/is causing the Early Extension which means that there is a Body / Swing connection that should be considered before correcting a swing fault which is more than likely recurring. Through research << The Titleist Performance Institute >> have discovered that the failure to perform a full deep squat or full hip bend can cause a golfer to Early Extend during the downswing, these limitations will cause a general stiffness or asymmetry in the musculature and joints of the lower body.

These limitations will always make it difficult for the golfer to get in to a good posture at address which cannot be maintained during the golf swing either.

Any limitations in the lead hip, left hip for a right handed player, can cause the golfer to Early Extend and it is vital to be able to seperate your upper body from your lower body during a golf swing.

It is possible to be checked for any body limitations that you may have through being screened using a 15 point TPI screen and to check that against your golf swing analysis to see if there is a Body / Swing Connection which means it will be easier to rectify any golf swing faults. If you have any permanent physical problems it is possible to work around any limitations to improve your golf swing to give more consistency.

I have been trained by the Titleist Performance Institute and I am a TPI Certified Golf Professional. Come and see me for a lesson I look forward to meeting you.


Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Golf Professional

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