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Do You Have S-Posture & Back Pain ?

The S in S-Posture refers to the shape of your back when in golf posture viewed from a down the line position where by the tail bone tends to stick out too much and the curvature of the lower spine is excessive which puts a lot of pressure on the lower back making it very tight and causes the stomach muscles in turn to be to be loose.

This means that the core muscles are deactivated which can cause these two -

loss of posture or reverse spine angle during the backswing, which in turn puts the lower body out of position during the downswing causing sequence of motion to be compromised.

S-Posture is a major cause of backpain and discomfort among thousands of golfers worldwide and can in most cases be attributed to a sedentary life style.

If you live in the Perthshire area come and see me for a lesson or a swing assessment to see where you can improve your game as a golfer. I have been trained by The Titleist Performance Institute and I am TPI Certified.


Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Golf Professional

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