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Crouched at Address ? C-Posture ?

'C-Posture' refers to the position of a golfers back when in golf posture viewed from behind looking down the line towards the target. The golfers shoulders are slumped forwards and from the butt area to the back of the neck form a letter C shape.

Golfers who have this address position normally are unable to flex properly from the hips ie tight hip flexors, weak core muscles as well as tight hamstrings and need to slump their shoulders forward to get the clubhead down to ground level behind the golf ball. For the shoulders to turn properly the golfer ideally needs to have good thoracic extension ie both shoulders pinned backwards.

Good golf posture is a requirement to enable the golfer to stay in balance through out the golf swing to deliver power through the golf ball.

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Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Golf Professional

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