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Casting ? Like a River Tay Fisherman !

'Casting' is a very common swing characteristic among golfers and is a major loss of power with the club being released very early in the downswing movement which adds loft to the golf club and what would be called a weak impact position.

There are several physical factors ( limitations ) which can cause a golfer to cast the golf club, one example ( and a common one ) is poor lower body movement which can be linked to poor or at least limited lead hip mobility causing the upper body to start the downswing and throw the club out from the top of the backswing.

If you live in the Perthshire area come and see me for a lesson at Pitlochry Golf Range & Academy. I am a PGA Golf Professional who has been trained and Certified by The Titleist Performance Institute.


Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Golf Professional

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