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Modern Wedges, Bounce & What To Use ?

For many people it is difficult to know exactly what to look for in wedges regarding exactly which loft / bounce combination to have in their golf bags with many people still relying on the PW and SW that comes with the set with a huge gap in between the loft of these two clubs - modern PW has roughly 46 degrees SW 55 depending on the manufacturer. Most golf professionals will have 3 or 4 wedges in the bag depending on their own preference and the type of ground at the course they are playing and they will be inclined to change the loft / bounce combination regularly to accommodate this.The average player will most likely be playing the same golf course on a regular basis as a member so should not need to change wedge options like a tour pro but it is recommended to have 3 wedges with proper loft gaps and bounce to suit the course.As a rule if the ground conditions are normally hard less bounce is considered to be better with soft ground more bounce is better, however it also depend a little on your technique.

'Slider' :

This style of player has a shallow angle of attack with minimal ground contact which means shallow divots and sand displacement and can slide the club head under the golf ball with an 'open' face.

This style of player is better to choose wedges with medium bounce although it is important to consider the normal ground condition when considering the bounce.


This style of player has a moderate to steep angle of attack normally with a full divot being taken or more sand displacement and tends to play with a square club face relying on the loft of the club. This style of player is better to choose wedges with more bounce for better playability especially from sand. For firm ground medium bounce is suitable, while for soft conditions more bounce.

Consider a set option that would include a lower lofted medium bounce wedge with a higher lofted wedge with high bounce.

'Shotmaker' :

A skilled shot maker can normally vary their angle of attack and can produce different shots depending on the position at hand. It is better to choose wedges with medium to low bounce to be versatile in manufacturing shots of different type. Consider having at least one wedge with increased bounce to give maximum shot making opportunities. It is also worth mentioning that most manufacturers can also custom grind the soles of wedges to suit the player.

Determining Your set composition in Wedges :

When trying to determine how many wedges you should carry in your golf bag it is worth considering having a club you have confidence in, and are reliable with for bunker shots. Also full wedge shots will produce more spin which means it is worth having more than two wedges in your set, having three wedges is recommended. It is important to have a proper loft / yardage gap in between your wedges just as it is with the rest of your set and it is beneficial to hit fuller shots into greens giving proper trajectory and spin to stop the ball without either too much roll or too much backspin.

Most modern wedges will have the degree of loft as well as the degree of bounce stamped on the club head. When buying wedges it is better to consult a PGA golf professional for advice on what to buy but of course if your short game is generally not as good as you expect it to be it is recommended to have a short game lesson to improve your technique.

If you live in or close to Perthshire, Scotland come and see me at Pitlochry Golf, which is slightly to the north of the city of Perth, where I work, I can custom fit you or give you a golf lesson if required.


Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Golf Professional

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