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Big Divots, Incosistent, Wild Shots ! Hanging Back ?

The term 'Hanging Back' refers to a lack of weight shift on to the lead leg towards the target during the downswing and is quite a common swing characteristic among the average club golfer. This can cause the golfer to hit behind the ball and take rather large divots. A physical cause of 'Hanging Back' is a limitation or lack of movement in the lead hip during the downswing causing the player to stay back or even move further back to get momentum in to the swing causing swing path problems. Often this fault can be attributed to what would be called a poor backswing movement ie much too steep a backswing movement, which causes the player to 'Hang Back' during the downswing to 'Shallow Out' the swing which leads to inconsistency.

It is possible to either improve or work around any limitations a golfer may have in their swing movement. If you have a very steep backswing it is possible to gradually change this which will allow the golfer to shift targetwards during the dowswing and in turn improve consistencies, as the 'Chopper' action has gone.

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