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How do I Draw the Golf Ball ?

Initial 'Launch Direction' is dicated by the 'Face Angle' and not the 'Club Path' .

As a rule of thumb in terms of initial 'Launch Direction' the influence is as follows 85% Face:15% Path with a Driver , and 75% Face:25% Path with an iron. Fredrik Tuxen - Trackman

How do I go about hitting a draw ?

Bearing in mind a draw means you require the golf ball to start somewhere to the right of your intended target and curve from there towards the intended target on an arc. To be able to do this the club face needs to be closed to the club path while at the same time being Open to the intended target to produce the draw.

In simple terms this all means that the Club Path should be in to out to accomodate a draw ie aiming more to the right of target than the club face is, which is also pointing to the right of target. which can be de difficult to do if you normally swing out to in like many people do. Having your right foot pulled back slightly can help many people, ie standing closed. It is essential that a dowswing sequence is good though to be able to hit a nice draw, which means you need to start the downswing from the ground up ( feet / knees / hips ) giving a good kinematic sequence.

It is recommended that you practice hitting draws (as well as Fades) on the Driving Range to build up confidence so that you can do it out on the golf course

It is certainly an advantage if you can hit a draw at will with your irons and even more so with your Driver.

If you live in the Perthshire area, Scotland come and see me for a golf lesson at Blairgowrie GC, I would be happy to help you improve your golf game. Pitlochry lies slightly to the north of the city of Perth. I have been trained and certified by Trackman University and The Titleist Performance Institute


Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Golf Professional

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