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The 'Two Plane' Golf Swing

Jack Nicklaus is a a player who comes to mind when talking about the two plane swing who was the best player of his era and is indeed regarded as the best player in history as he is the golfer who has won the most major championships. Jack Nicklaus played the last 36 holes of the US Open with Ben Hogan ( 1 Plane Swing ) on what was then called 'Open Saturday' as the last two rounds were played on one day at that time without a Sunday finish. Jack said that he witnessed from Ben Hogan the best display of shot making he had ever seen over those 36 holes on that day, something that he still talks about to this day.

In the picture you can see two different backswing positions, on the left of the picture is a One Plane back swing position, while on the right a Two Plane back swing position and the positions are noticeably different with one looking short and laid off while the other is longer and more upright. In a One Plane golf swing the lead arm is parallel to the shoulder plane at the top of the back swing while in a Two Plane golf swing the lead arm is above the shoulder plane.


Two Plane Swing Set Up 


1. Posture has quite an upright look to it


2. Top of shoulders in thoracic area are a little rounded


3. Golfer stands fairly close to the golf ball


4. Width of stance is on the narrow side


Two Plane Swing Characteristics 


1. Left arm moves away from chest during the back swing with the right

  elbow moving laterally to the right


2. Arms swing upwards away from body during backswing while the shoulders

   turn on a relatively flat plane


3. Weight shifts to the right side and then back to the left side during the swing


4. Length of back swing can b e described as full and can even be past parallel

  at the top with a crossed over look ie club shaft pointing to the right.


5. Timing is crucial, arms and body need to sync in during downswing


Physical Requirements to be considered 


1. Good range of motion in the shoulders is required


2. Ability to separate the arms adequately from the body



Should you live in the Perthshire area and would like to have some instruction to improve your golf game come and see me at Blairgowrie GC where I would be please to help you.

I am trained by the Plane Truth and trained and Certified by The Titleist Performance Institute. 




Graeme Leggat PGA Advanced Golf Professional 




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